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Classical Civilisation

Why Study Classical Civilisation?

The study of ancient Greeks and Romans is very important for our society and culture in so many ways because it has so many influences. It gives us a background on where our culture, our politics came from. It is also very useful in supporting many other subjects; so as to have a richer understanding of English literature, it is important to understand ancient literature. To have a deeper understanding of History, Ancient History will help you understand the patterns and connections with the Ancient World.

From a careers’ perspective, Classics teaches a wide variety of skills, and therefore opens up a lot of university course options, not just History and Literature, but also Art, Architecture and Philosophy as well. Classics teaches you a really wide range of disciplines, which makes you a really versatile person, not just a candidate for a job, but in life in general because you have been exposed to a broad range of areas not just a narrow path. It is also really well respected because of its discipline and versatility and because it is not easy!

Natasha Crook
Head of Classics

About the Course

Classical Civilisation is a rich and vibrant study of many celebrated aspects of ancient Greece and Rome.

The finesse of these ancient civilisations is explored through the study of primary sources related to history, philosophy, literature, art, architecture, politics and religion. All sources are studied in English translation to allow deep engagement and comparison with a range of materials.In Classical Civilisation you will have the opportunity to read extracts from the Aeneid and from Homer’s Illiad to discover what it really means to be a hero and to study one of the most influential works in Western Literature. The mathematical as well as artistic beauty of Greek art will be examined to understand the political, religious and aesthetic value of art in the ancient world. In addition, you will study the turbulent period of the end of the Roman Republic, studying the politics of the great influential names of the time; Cato, Cicero and Julius Caesar.  This course offers a detailed and balanced insight into the Classical world. It allows students to engage with a variety of sources to develop an understanding of what the ancient world was like in its full glory and also explores the legacy that the ancient world offers to our own modern world. Classical Civilisation is excellent preparation for students considering university study of Classics, Latin, History, Law or English literature.



Examination Board

OCR (H408)

Course Structure

  • Unit 1 The World of the Hero
  • Unit 2 Greek Art
  • Unit 3 Politics of the Late Republic